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Equity. Dignity. Justice.


These are the values that drive us. Whether your freedom, your livelihood, or your fundamental rights are under attack, every case is high stakes. Having devoted our careers to taking on the toughest fights against the most ruthless adversaries, we stand up for what is right and go the distance for our clients.

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About Us

We have experienced first-hand throughout our careers just how broad an impact a team of collaborative and talented litigators can have. We launched this firm to provide top-flight, efficient, client-centered representation without ever losing sight of the reasons we became lawyers in the first place: to serve clients and our community with passion and integrity.

The team

We are trial lawyers who have learned through years of experience and collaboration that strong working relationships with clients and our colleagues – built on respect, trust, and empowering each other’s strengths – can lead to the best possible outcomes.

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“No Accident” Documentary

Bloch & White LLP is proud to share their involvement in the HBO Original documentary, “No Accident.” The documentary premiered at the Woodstock Film Festival on September 29 and is available to stream on Max.

Practice Areas


We have a depth of experience litigating high stakes appeals in federal and state courts, at all levels and in all types of matters.


We have significant experience fighting for those whose fundamental rights have been violated, including victims of police and prosecutorial misconduct and racially-motivated violence.


We have years of experience litigating complex commercial disputes representing the most sophisticated of clients in a wide range of business disputes.

Criminal Defense & Government Investigations

We have substantial experience representing clients suspected of, or charged with, all manners of criminal offenses at the state and federal level, as well as individuals investigated by law enforcement or regulatory agencies.

Public Interest & Impact Litigation

We formed this firm to fight aggressively in the public interest, including in the spheres of political extremism, criminal justice reform, gun violence, reproductive rights, and many others. We know from experience that many of our most fundamental rights are vindicated in the courtroom.

Trials & Trial Support

As trial lawyers with significant courtroom experience, we are available to assist clients or other attorneys approaching trial, including by co-counseling cases that could benefit from additional trial support.

in the news

Bloomberg Law covers the launch of Bloch & White LLP.

Charlottesville Rally Litigators Bloch, White Open NYC Law Firm
By Sam Skolnik, 6/8/2022

Michael Bloch’s devastating cross-examination of key defendant and prominent white nationalist Richard Spencer at the Charlottesville trial is featured in the Washington Post.

Richard Spencer, questioned in Charlottesville trial, downplays evidence of racist and violent intent
By Elle Silverman, 11/5/2021

Michael Bloch discussed bail reform with Mother Jones.

New York Politicians Are Using Anti-Semitic Attacks to Scare People About Bail Reform
By Samantha Michaels, 01/10/2020

“Jury awards plaintiffs’ $25 million in lawsuit against white supremacists behind violence at Charlottesville ‘Unite the Right’ rally”

Jury awards plaintiffs $25 million in lawsuit against white supremacists behind violence at Charlottesville ‘Unite the Right’ rally
By Will Carless and Kevin McCoy, 11/23/2021

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