A police officer was accused of spying for China. The charges were dropped, but the NYPD fired him

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March 20, 2024

Michigan man who was accidently shot in face with ghost gun sues manufacturer and former friend

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March 12, 2024

‘Ghost Gun’ Co. Sued In Mich. For Selling To Teen Shooter

By Danielle Ferguson

March 12, 2024

Michigan man accidentally shot in face with ghost gun sues manufacturer, ex-friend

By Corey Williams

March 12, 2024

Michigan shooting survivor sues after former friend shot him in face with ghost gun

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March 12, 2024

Michael Bloch: A Passion to Defend Victims of Persecution

By Jennifer Andrus

December 4, 2023

Pro Say: Meet the Lawyers Who Took On White Supremacy

November 3, 2023

Attys Spotlighted in HBO Documentary on Charlottesville Suit

By Andrea Keckley

October 13, 2023

New Documentary Sheds Light on Charlottesville Trial

By Steve Scarpa

October 11, 2023

‘No Accident’ Review: Putting White Supremacists on Trial

By Nicholas Rapold

October 10, 2023

The Lawyers Who Refused to Let Neo-Nazis Off the Hook

By Nick Schager

October 10, 2023

Premiering Tonight: HBO Doc on the “Unite the Right” Trial

By Alison Preece

October 10, 2023

Charlottesville: ‘No Accident’ Documentary Follows Unite the Right Civil Lawsuit, Attorneys, Plaintiffs

By Crystal Graham

October 4, 2023

Michael Bloch to Be Featured in “No Accident” Documentary

HBO Original documentary chronicles legal team’s dogged efforts to prosecute white supremacists following deadly Charlottesville rally

September 29, 2023, NEW YORK – Bloch & White LLP is proud to share their involvement in the upcoming HBO Original documentary, “No Accident.” The documentary will premiere at the Woodstock Film Festival on September 29, and will be available to stream on HBO Max on October 10.

“No Accident” documents the seminal lawsuit, Sines v. Kessler, which was filed against 17 white nationalist leaders and organizations on behalf of the nine plaintiffs who suffered physical and emotional injuries while peacefully counter protesting the deadly 2017 “Unite the Right” rally in Charlottesville. The lawsuit alleged that the event was not an isolated, spontaneous gathering, but rather a well-planned and coordinated conspiracy to incite racially motivated violence and to advance an anti-Semitic, race-war agenda.

The documentary chronicles the years-long efforts of the legal team to develop and deploy a strategy to hold white supremacist organizers accountable and to put hate on trial. It follows members of the team, including Michael Bloch, who served as co-lead counsel, and Benjamin White, in their fight to give a voice to everyday citizens in standing up to condemn hate. The team secured a historic $26 million judgement for plaintiffs following a four-week jury trial.

Sines was a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to seek justice following the violence that caused loss of life and overwhelming physical and emotional pain for members of the Charlottesville community. We are deeply grateful for director Kristi Jacobson and the production team behind the documentary for allowing us to share the stories of the plaintiffs we fought to represent and for understanding the importance of keeping this story—and the fight against white supremacy—alive,” said Michael Bloch.

The documentary was directed by Emmy® Award-winning filmmaker Kristi Jacobson. Those featured in the film include attorneys Roberta Kaplan, Karen Dunn, Michael Bloch and Jessica Phillips and plaintiffs Marissa Blair, April Muñiz, Natalie Romero, Elizabeth Sines, Devin Willis and Seth Wispelwey.

“The impact of Sines sent a clear message that the actions of violent extremists, and their underlining ideologies, must be dealt with head on. “No Accident” captures the tremendous work that went into this case and reinforces how bringing light to these issues, and the individuals involved, can help force them back into the shadows. We are so appreciative of everyone involved in helping this documentary come together,” added Benjamin White.

Bloch & White was launched in 2022 in part to litigate high impact public interest matters, including in the spheres of political extremism, criminal justice reform, gun violence and many others. Michael and Benjamin’s work in Sines v. Kessler helped influence the trajectory of their careers and their steadfast commitment to equity, dignity and justice.

More information about the documentary can be found here and the official trailer can be viewed here.

Image courtesy of HBO

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Former Kaplan Hecker attorneys open civil rights law firm

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Acclaimed Civil Rights Litigator Michael Bloch Met with Students at Community Day School As Part of its International Holocaust Remembrance Day

February 1, 2022

Jury Finds Rally Organizers Responsible for Charlottesville Violence
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November 23, 2021

Jury awards plaintiffs $25 million in lawsuit against white supremacists behind violence at Charlottesville ‘Unite the Right’ rally

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November 23, 2021

Charlottesville rally organizers found liable by jury

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2nd Circ. Revives Fraud Billing Claim In $1.9B Army Deal Suit

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November 19, 2021

Attorney: Charlottesville organizer sought to mislead police
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November 16, 2021

Unite the Right organizer appeared to instruct followers to mislead law enforcement, court evidence suggests

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November 15, 2021

Jason Kessler, Christopher Cantwell testify in Sines v. Kessler trial

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Nazis’ own words get used against them to prove they came to Charlottesville with violent intent
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Richard Spencer, questioned in Charlottesville trial, downplays evidence of racist and violent intent

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White Nationalist Richard Spencer Was Confronted With His Own Violent Rhetoric On The Witness Stand At The Charlottesville Trial

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Uber Calls $91M Arbitration Association Fee A ‘Ransom’

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Taking White Supremacy to Court

June 10, 2021

Judges Focus on What U.S. Knew About AECOM Billing Noncompliance
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More calls for prison reform, an attorney’s perspective

October 30, 2020

How the Deadly Charlottesville Rally, the Reported Gov. Whitmer Kidnapping Plot and More Underscore the Continued Threat of Far-Right Extremists

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Judge Derides Backlog Of Legal Calls At NYC Jails
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AECOM Beats Whistleblower Suit Over $1.9B Army Deal

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2nd Circ. Urges Atty Access For Detainees Amid Pandemic

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New York Politicians Are Using Anti-Semitic Attacks to Scare People About Bail Reform

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