About Us


We are committed to the principle of excellence. We know that every case is high stakes to each of our clients, and we offer exceptional representation to optimize outcomes in every case.

Commitment to the Public Good

This country’s most fundamental rights are often vindicated in the courtroom. As litigators, we believe we have a responsibility to serve our community by participating in that ongoing fight. We launched Bloch & White LLP to use our skills and experience to protect civil rights and further the public interest through high-impact litigation. Our closely held values inform every decision we make.

Client-Centered Advocacy

Having collectively represented hundreds of individual and corporate clients, we understand that each case affects each client uniquely. We listen to our clients as much as we advocate for them. We strive to internalize the complex ways that our clients are impacted by their involvement in the legal system, and we seek holistic, tailored solutions to each client’s individual needs.


As client-centered advocates, we seek to achieve the best outcome as efficiently as possible. The complexity and significance of our clients’ disputes require us to be agile, lean, and flexible.  By allocating resources thoughtfully and creatively, we are able to provide top-flight legal representation at financially accessible rates.


We have a well-established record of courtroom success in contentious and high-stakes trials. We are poised to take any case to trial, if necessary, but are also adept at leveraging our substantial trial experience into favorable pre-trial outcomes.

Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Respect

We are committed to establishing a diverse workplace culture where every employee feels welcome, valued, and respected above all else. These core values are not only fundamental to who we are as people and lawyers, they also foster excellence, productivity, and fulfillment, which in turn helps us best serve our clients. Collaboration, integrity and the empowerment of each of our employees are vital to the success of the cases we take on.

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